Fish. Friends. Fun.
Bring your fishing line and a bottle of wine!
Trouthaven Acres: Come Hang with the Gang

Join the Fun on My Annual Fishing Trip

Imagine spending time on the banks of a blue-ribbon river overflowing with five different types of fish, laughing with your buddies and indulging in great food and wine.
If you’re a hunter, you won’t be disappointed – we have some of the best hunting in the area.
Oh, and the warm summer breezes feel just right.

About Trouthaven Acres

Friends, Family and Community Welcome

If you love fishing as much as I do and you know me well enough to have my personal phone number and this website address—join me at Trouthaven outside of Missoula, Montana during summer for my annual fishing trip. Just call, tell me you’re coming and don’t forget to bring some wine and snacks to share, and a sleeping bag. If I don’t have room for you and camping isn’t your thing, then one of the local inns will treat you like family at a family-friendly price.

    When you’re here, you can:

  • Fish
  • Hike
  • Boat
  • Have fun
  • Hunt
  • Inner tube down the river to the swimming hole

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The History of Trouthaven Acres

If you know me, you know I’m an outdoor guy. I love spending time enjoying nature almost as much as I love spending time with my friends. When I took my first fishing trip to Trouthaven Acres, I was hooked. The sense of community and camaraderie are second to none.
And… let’s not forget the fishing which is phenomenal.

Eric, his family and cronies have trekked the wilds of the Lolo National Forest, encountering moose, wild turkey and bear. Always prepared, they can live off of what they fish…, Costco and a few bottles of wine of course. Eric and his brother John purchased the cabin, way back in the 70’s after falling in love with the Rock Creek fishing scene. Since, Eric has come up every summer to get off the grid…but still watch Sunday football.

I want to share my fishing paradise and dreams with my family and friends—because good people make everything better. So, join me on the fishing trip of a lifetime.


On The River

Sun’s Out

Field Golf

Happening at Trouthaven Acres

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Daily Logs

Come Hang with the Gang

2015 Early in the season: Fred relaxed, read and recreated

Join the Fun on My Annual Fishing Trip

Stories are soon to be related…

Fish. Friends. Fun.

If you love fishing as much as I do and you know me well

Trouthaven at Rock Creek

Don’t Have My Number? Try Me Anyway.

If you don’t have my number, but know me well enough to know my kids’ names, fill out the form below if you’d like to be included in the annual fishing trip. I promise you—you’ll want to come back next year!

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